Cloud 9, the Small Floating Paradise of Fiji
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Cloud 9, the Small Floating Paradise of Fiji

Cloud 9,Fiji

Cloud 9, the Small Floating Paradise of Fiji

Cloud9-Fiji-1Cloud 9 is a floating platform located in the beautiful waters of the Fiji Islands, close to the coral reef of Ro Ro Reef, in the Pacific Ocean. This is a two-story structure that houses a cocktail bar, a small and authentic Italian pizzeria with a wood oven and large terraces shaded by magnificent white curtains. The location boasts a serene atmosphere, surrounded by uncontaminated beauty, with an area dedicated to relaxation, another dedicated to music and a space holding aquatic equipment including windsurfing and jet skis.

Cloud9-Fiji-2In order to reach Cloud 9 you will need to take a 45 minute boat ride which leaves from Port Danarau, or you  can take a motorboat from Vanua Malolo and land on the platform in just 10 minutes. The restaurant can accommodate up to 100 people and is fully equipped for every type of event. During the weekends, the place turns into a disco, hosting famous international DJs.

Cloud9-Fiji-3Cloud 9 is also very attentive to sustainability, guaranteeing the utmost respect for marine flora and fauna, ensuring that no discharge is spilled into the crystal clear waters. Every day, all waste, including organic waste from the ecological toilets on board, is transported to the nearest island, where it is treated and reused as a compound to fertilize the continent's gardens.

Cloud9-Fiji-4This unique floating oasis is undoubtedly one of the most original structures in the world, a dream place. In addition to all kinds of fun and comfort, the venue offers a 360 degree view of extraordinary beauty on the turquoise waters of the magnificent Fiji islands.